Jim's Tips

Pantry space is an increasingly popular addition to kitchen redesign today. Pantry space is part of the organization trend that continues to grow in popularity.
A pantry can be as small as built-in shelves concealed behind doors or as large as a walk-in closet. So much more can be stored within a pantry than in kitchen cabinets. Vertical space and shelves are less expensive than drawers and baskets. Your pantry should be located near your stove, sink and prep area.
Everything from can goods and baking supplies to platters, pots & pans, and large, seldom used appliances can be stored in a pantry with much more efficiency than in small kitchen cabinets. Include a few baskets for snacks and odds and ends that always end up in your silverware drawer. With enough space, you can add room for school supplies and a craft and wrapping area that contains all your supplies (wrapping paper, bows, tapes, etc.).  If you buy in bulk, add space for those extra items. The idea is to have a plan for storing and organizing as many items as your space allows.
Shopping Hint: For nonperishable items that you use regularly, incorporate a section for those items and keep a pen and note pad on the shelf. Stock extras of these regularly-used items. When you have taken the last one of a said item, write it on the pad, then on your next shopping trip you will know exactly which items need to be restocked. No more cries of “Mom, we don’t have any more shampoo.”
Our lives are much too busy to run to the store every day. A pantry can make our hectic lives a little easier.

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